Edison Gorski is bored with his repetitive, everyday life and he chooses to become the serial killer in his favorite movie, "The Slasher." Edison begins to imagine his life through the eyes of the killer in a cheesy horror flick. As he gets deeper and deeper in this fantasy, the real world and "his" world begin to fade together. During his transformation, he becomes obsessed with a girl who jogs by his house each morning, a girl befriends him in the park, his ex-fiancee returns with her new fiancee, and his obnoxious co-worker continuously interferes with his life. Once Edison fully becomes "The Slasher" of his fantasies, will any of these people, or anyone else for that matter, be safe?

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The Slasher is (c) 2008 WLFK Productions, LLC

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When a bumbling private detective is hired to investigate the apparently planned murder of a mysterious woman, hilarity and violence follow. Will he be able to solve the case, or will a slick gangster, a paranoid hit-man, a jilted lover, or one of the other colorful characters get the better of him?

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The White Russian is (c) 2009 WLFK Productions, LLC

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Detective Pinkerton has ruined everything for everyone after being hired by a mysterious woman named Audrey. Audrey, and everyone else involved want Pinkerton dead. Individually, they all hire the same hit-man, Vegas Lou, to do the job. Vegas has to juggle all of their wants and come out with the biggest payday possible. But Pinkerton still has a few tricks up his sleeve.

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Irish Car Bomb is (c) 2010 WLFK Productions, LLC

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Once Upon a Time in Cleveland, the final chapter of Vegas Lou. While trying to tie up his loose ends, a gangster looking for revenge enters and an assassin back from the dead returns to the fray. Will Vegas Lou survive and retire to the desert as planned, or will all hell break loose once again? (All hell will likely break loose once again.)

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On the North Coast is (c) 2012 WLFK Productions, LLC

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James Neyman
Co-founder and co-owner of WLFK Productions, LLC. James serves as the main director and editor of the films. He tries to write, but usually needs help from Broz, Jake or Bob. James has directed "The Slasher" and "The White Russian." He has written (with help) and directed "Irish Car Bomb" and "On the North Coast."

James has also worked on First Star Media's "Tomorrow for a Dollar" and "Put Out the Light," and Intrepid Aspirations' "Of Bitches & Hounds", "Garbagehead", and "The Prophet of Lake Erie." He also edited Troma's film "Hemo."

Kurt Broz
Co-founder and co-owner of WLFK Productions, LLC. Broz is the primary writer of the films and a featured actor. He has written "The Slasher" and "The White Russian." He was the lead actor in "The White Russian."

Pat D'Angelo
Pat is one of our regular actors and regular crew members. He does everything from the website to holding the boom to acting.

Bryan Fasig
Fasig is one of our regular actors and regular crew members. He will one day write something that we can actually film.

Mike Wise
Mike is one of our producers. He sets us up with locations and finds other people interested in helping with our films.

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Jake McGee
Jake is an unofficial (possibly even unknown to him) member of WLFK Productions. He is a featured actor and has assisted on the writing of "Irish Car Bomb" and "On the North Coast." Jake currently lives in Los Angeles. Jake is a co-owner of Intrepid Aspirations, LLC. Jake has written and directed "The Prophet of Lake Erie."

Bob Freville
Bob is also an unofficial (probably unknown to him) member of WLFK Productions. He has been in several of our films and heavily assisted with the writing of "Irish Car Bomb" and "On the North Coast." Bob currently lives on Long Island in New York. He is also the co-owner of Intrepid Aspirations, LLC. Bob has directed "Of Bitches & Hounds" and Troma's "Hemo."

John Templeman
J.T. is our go-to guy for the featured songs in our films. He is the co-owner of JIB Machine Records, which provides us with our music for the films. He has written music tracks for "The White Russian", performed by J Temp 13; "Irish Car Bomb", performed by The Drug Fux; and "On the North Coast."

On the North Coast
This is the final chapter of the Vegas Lou saga. The film is currently in post-production and J.T. is working on the score. It is on track to be completed by Summer 2012.

Zombies in 2D!
This possibly our next project. The script is almost locked in, James and Broz will be going over the draft to finalize it soon. This ridiculous side project could very well become a reality..

This is the official music video for Hot Ham & Cheese's song "Mary." We are currently filming and have already begun the post-production process.

Jake McGee
Notable Roles: Edison Gorski (The Slasher) Vegas Lou (The White Russian, Irish Car Bomb, On the North Coast)
Additional Writing On: Irish Car Bomb, On the North Coast

Bob Freville
Notable Roles: Mason (The Slasher), Drexel (Irish Car Bomb), Detective Davers (On the North Coast)
Additional Writing On: Irish Car Bomb, On the North Coast

Damarcus Cox
Notable Roles: Bull (The White Russian, Irish Car Bomb), Dante Lehandrinni (On the North Coast)

Michelle Konko
Notable Roles: Audrey (The White Russian, Irish Car Bomb, On the North Coast)

Kurt Broz
Notable Roles: Detective Pinkerton (The White Russian)
Writer: The Slasher, The White Russian

Alex Russo
Notable Roles: Jessica (On the North Coast), Other Independent Films (Dying 2 Meet U)

April Needham
Notable Roles: Sophia (The Slasher), Several other Independent Films (Hellementry, Voodoo Rising)

Jenna Gruttadauria
Notable Roles: Joan (The Slasher)

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B.R. Tatalovic
Notable Roles: Norman Reigns (On the North Coast), Directed other Independent Films


Follow us on Twitter

Easiest way to get ahold of us is through email or Facebook. James Neyman
Kurt Broz
Pat D'Angelo
Intrepid Aspirations
This is our primary collaborator. We have worked together on the films; The Slasher, Garbagehead, The White Russian, Hemo, Irish Car Bomb, and On the North Coast.

JIB Machine Records
This is our music collaborator. The bands whom have donated or created music for us are J Temp 13, The Drug Fux, and Hot Ham & Cheese. We have also shot a music video for Hot Ham & Cheese and will likely continue to do so in the future.

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Welcome to the Official Site of WLFK Productions, LLC. A truly Independent Cleveland, OH Film Production House.

Latest News:

New Trailer!
Posted By: james at 2012-05-03 12:01:35

The New Trailer for On the North Coast will be debuting shortly...

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Prophet of Lake Erie Trailer
Posted By: james at 2012-05-02 16:01:27

This is the New Film from Intrepid Aspirations directed by Jake McGee and starring Slowhand Jack Labgold.


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Beautiful Girl With A Dog Fucking 707MB 3gp Videos Zombies in 2D! is a ridiculous side project where upon completing a day of filming, for fun we shoot a fake zombie movie trailer. Will the real "Zombies in 2D!" ever come to life as a real project? Check back soon..
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Films Available Now:

Starring Jake McGee, Lorellei Smith. Following The White Russian, all hell breaks loose. Everyone that the private detective pissed off in 'The White Russian' hires a hitman to find and kill him. 2010

Starring Kurt Broz, Michelle Konko. Audrey is after Costellano's money, and to get it she cooks up an elaborate scam involving a clueless private detective. Complications arise when that detective keeps snooping around.. This is a short film: approx. 45 minutes. 2009

Starring Jake McGee, Jenna Gruttadauria. Follow everyday man, Edison Gorski's descent into madness in The Slasher. Can a man obsessed with horror movies stop himself from choosing to become the serial killer of his dreams? 2008

Films Coming Soon:

Starring Jake McGee, Lorellei Smith, Damarcus Cox. The Final Chapter of Vegas Lou. Can he clean up all his loose ends and get the hell out of town? Will his new relationship survive? Will anyone survive?

All Content on this site (c) 2007-2012 WLFK Productions, LLC.